Closet Organization {Round 2}

Organizing is a never-ending task. All of the binders, lists, and labels won't help you if you don't keep up with them on a regular basis. I know this, but I don't always remember to put into practice and sometimes, things catch up with me. The closet in our second bedroom, for example, the one I did a major clean-up in about 6 months ago, here, has gone back to being a complete disaster. 


I know, I cannot believe it either. So, I started by taking almost everything out and then putting things back in only as needed. And, as an added bonus, I also put almost all of the craft supplies into one large bin.

Cleaning and keeping a dog out of trouble at the same time is to blame for the blur here.

I also sorted through all sorts of extra linens - mostly just an excess of pillows that we tossed in here after we got new ones. It was time to let some of them go.

I also put together a huge pile to take out to the trash, but of course I saved our Thanksgiving Turkey hat.

A big thank you to the Christmas Tree Shops for this awesomeness. In all seriousness though, while we still don't know where we're moving (the search for a new place continues!), we do know we will be moving and it's never too early to start clearing some of the clutter. 

The small suitcase (right) was moved into the closet after this picture was taken.

What have you been doing to clear clutter lately? Getting ready to move or just hold a yard sale? Did you clean out any closets or other parts of your homes this weekend? I'd love to hear about it!




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