InstaLife: Obsessed with Instagram {June Edition}

Lately, I've been head over heels for Instagram. I'll admit, I definitely have a lot of room to get better at using it - from posting more to using more exciting effects - but I just absolutely love the program.  Today, I wanted to show you some of the exciting things that I've been posting lately, and loving, during June!

From top left to top right, there's a picture of my delicious dressed up Celeste pizza - complete with ranch dressing and BBQ sauce, Nash and his girlfriend Nugget sleeping on the couch and Nash hanging out being the cutest puppy.

In the middle left to right, there's a picture of some awesome vases I saw at Target, delicious locally produced sausage from the farmer's market and a cold treat from last week during the heat wave - I love Emack and Bolio's!

And finally, from the bottom left to right, we have a sleepy puppy who missed his dad when Josh went away on Saturday night, my mountain of boxes I'm hoarding for the move, and a thousand island bomb that was thrown at my car by some random kids last night (yes, this really happened and yes, it was thousand island dressing).

Do you use, and love, Instagram as much as I do? You can follow me by clicking the camera in my buttons to the right, or simple search for me at my username, foreverandarecipe! Hope you're having a great Tuesday!




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