Closet Clean-up

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday! Despite the gloomy weather here in Beantown, I think that today is going to turn out to be a fantastic one! Do you feel like you own so many clothes, but tend to only wear a few items over and over again? I am constantly searching through my closet, complaining that I own so few clothes, and then picking the same things I have just worn over and over again. This is baffling to even me because I do own many items of clothing, but the problems with what I had were endless: too big, too small, doesn't fit right, don't like it, wrong color, etc. So, I gave myself a challenge: Every time I wore something, I would turn that hanger to face the opposite way. At the end of a month or so, I would check back in, see what I hadn't worn (donate it) and keep the rest - de-cluttering my closet and letting me see what I really do need to add to my closet. Spoiler Alert: I was majorly successful!

After about four weeks, this is what I had to work with in my closet. Kind of a jumbled up mess, huh? So I separated the two sets.

Ah, much better. Then it was time to get honest with myself. Some of the items on hangers not facing towards me (the keepers) were things I still do wear, but just hadn't had the chance to in the previous weeks. Items like my green plaid button down and blue LOFT blouse weren't going anywhere, but that pink slightly frilly sleeveless blouse? And that blueish button down? I knew I wasn't going to wear those in a million years, so into the donation piles they went.

I also went through my dresser and got really honest. Basically all of those items that I never wear or keep putting on, only to take off because it doesn't fit right, got put in this pile. I even got Josh to join in on the donation fun!

Yes, those would be American Eagle button downs. From high school. That haven't fit him in years. That's okay, if you see us on an episode of Hoarders: Clothes Edition one day, don't be surprised.

Seriously though, this was so easy and took little to no effort as time went by and it gave me a chance to not only see what I do wear, but forced me to play around with some new looks in a way that I may not have otherwise. Now my closet is de-cluttered and ready for some brand new summer items! 

Have you been doing any closet cleaning lately? Donating a large amount of clothing to your local Goodwill? I'd love to hear about it!




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