Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

As a student, even though I understood the historical importance of Martin Luther King, Jr., I'm not sure that I ever looked at the Monday off as anything more than a day to skip school. But now, as an adult - and as a history teacher - I have come to appreciate this day in a different way, and see MLK in a different light.

Martin Luther King is an inspiration to people around the world. His message continues to resonate as we witness current events around the globe, and as the global community seems to be urging citizens everywhere to stand up for themselves and their individual rights.

To me, MLK's quote inspires me to lead a better life and to have faith that I can achieve my goals and live out my dreams. As a teacher now, it is important for me to have faith in my students, and for my students to have faith in themselves. My students have reminded me, time and time again, that I also need to have faith - and confidence - in myself. With faith and confidence, nothing can stand between you and your goals.

If you have today off, I hope you'll take a few moments to think about faith and MLK. Enjoy this beautiful and inspired Monday!



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