Happy {Draft} Weekend!

It may surprise some of you to learn this about me, but I absolutely love fantasy football. I joined a public Yahoo! league three years ago, and since then have finished in some pretty stellar spots. The first year? I won my league. Then the second year, I came in third, and last year I came in second - just missed my 2nd championship by about 7 points. But, you live and you learn, and this year I am more excited for fantasy football than ever.

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Josh and 9 of his friends have a pretty serious fantasy football league. It's a keepers league (meaning that they actually keep a number of players they've drafted in years past) and they play for bragging rights and a decent pot of money. They're pretty into it - especially Josh - and last year we even made a custom draft board for them.

Of the 10 guys in that league, 8 of them have girlfriends and, after chatting a bit about the wonders of fantasy football, this year - The Girlfriends League has been born! 

My Yahoo! Mobile App Home Page. And yes, my team is named after Jenny's. #theleague #tvreference
Our draft is on Sunday and we are having the most awesome and wonderful draft brunch in the history of drafts. Complete with sangria and mimosas, french toast casserole and quiche, and of course - delicious dessert. We're going to eat, drink, and be drafty - and we couldn't be more excited about it!

Are you as pumped for your weekend as I am for mine? Have any plans - fantasy football related or otherwise? If you're not too wrapped up in your awesome weekend plans, make sure you check out a few of my favorite blog posts right now...

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Have a happy {draft} weekend!



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