Sweet Summer Sangria (and a Weekend Recap!)

Happy Tuesday! I wish I had had this weekend recap yesterday (you know, the day after the weekend), but my weekend was so packed that I needed a whole day just to function properly again! Josh and I had a fantastic weekend - we spent Saturday morning at the Assembled Arts Market (check back Thursday for a full post on it), had dinner with Josh's parents on Saturday night, and then both spent our Sundays drafting awesome fantasy football teams.

Sunday morning, Josh headed out bright and early for breakfast with the guys, and I got busy getting the apartment ready for an estrogen takeover! I made french toast casserole (recipe coming soon!), set out snacks and a delicious (store-bought) quiche, and whipped up a sweet summer sangria. 

This sangria was so easy to make! I used riesling - because I love it, but if you want something sweeter moscato could work too - and seltzer. Seriously, that's it, just these ingredients:

2 bottles of riesling (750 ml each)
1 liter plain seltzer
1 liter peach seltzer 

And the directions are super simple: pour in the wine, then add in the seltzer and stir it all together! 

This made a huge batch of sangria - perfect for an end of summer get together! I also cut up a few granny smith apples and some peaches to toss into the beverage dispenser (thank you Beth & Eric for the awesome gift!!!) along with some grapes. You could serve your drink with the alcohol soaked fruit, but we sort of forgot to do that - the sangria was just too delicious!

we had a small mason jar theme going on! so much fun!
After our draft - which only took about 45 minutes because we had our game faces on and were super focused - we spent the next 6 hours drinking and talking and watching TLC. We decided our next get together might not include so many episodes of Who Do You Think You Are? because wow, that show gets super depressing. Regardless, we had an awesome day and an awesome draft! 

I hope that you had an awesome weekend too! And, if you're playing fantasy football this year, your draft goes as well as mine did! 



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