Getting Ready for Engagement Photos {Wedding Wednesday}

Happy Wedding Wednesday! Things are coming along so well right now and this weekend we're taking our engagement photos! I know that some people are anti-engagement photo sessions, but I have to tell you - I absolutely love the idea. Josh and I definitely want photos to remember this awesome time in our lives, and we love the idea of taking photos in downtown Boston.

We wanted our engagement shoot to be here in Boston, but didn't want to have to pay our (still-to-be-found) photographer to travel here. We also wanted to take pictures in the summer and since we don't have a photographer yet, we decided to have our photos taken by a photographer we already know and love - Morgan Lee! We worked with her last year for our fall family photo shoot and absolutely loved how the photos turned out. We used one of our favorites on last year's holiday card! 

nash was so good for this adventure, but he'll be staying home this sunday
We knew we wanted the photos in the summer, but I don't think either Josh or I understood that with summer photoshoots comes early sunrises for the best light. And so, we're meeting with Morgan bright and early on Sunday morning - 5:45 am! It'll be an early morning but we are so excited for the shoot.

Tonight, we're planning outfits (oh yes, outfitS - there will be outfit changes but only 1, maybe 2) and taking a closer look at all of the engagement pictures I keep pinning and tearing out of magazines. And we can't wait to be goofy and have a blast on Sunday morning! 

Are you a fan of engagement photo shoots? Are you currently planning one or have you already had yours? Do you have any must-do or must-not-do advice to give us? We'd love to hear it!




  1. I'm so glad you're doing them! We just did one in a studio when we were getting married and I totally regret it. Take as many as you can - you'll be happy about it later!!

  2. Eeeeekkkkkkk!!!!! I can't wait to see!

  3. we did an engagement session but i used a friend who is getting into photography not the photographer i hired for the wedding. we didn't do anything fancy because in reality we can take these type of photos anytime so while it was important to me we have them for using at the wedding and showers it wasnt the most impt thing

  4. I actually am not having an engagement shoot...we got engaged 4 years ago and never did one because of $$ and now it seems to be pointless.
    If our photog included it in the package, we would think about it, but as of right now its an unneeded expense.


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