Like Mother, Like Daughter {Weekend Recap}

What a wonderful weekend! Yes, it's Tuesday - but I was so exhausted from a wonderful weekend with my mom (that didn't really end until Monday when she left Boston) that I thought it would be best if I waited a day to recap all of the excitement. Well, that, and I needed to catch up on some sleep - girls weekends will do that to you.

My mom flew in on Friday evening and we headed immediately from the airport to my favorite sushi place - Ma Soba!

the best sushi in boston - and my favorite: the eel tempura roll!
 After a wonderful dinner we headed back to my apartment and spent some quality time with Nash.

even in the blurry iphone picture you can feel the love
On Saturday, we took Nash to Stodder's Neck and spoiled him at Petco (and gave him a bath!). I spent the early afternoon at a bridal shower and my mom went out to eat with Josh's parents. After lunch (and the shower), we looked at some of Josh's family photo albums for awhile (adorable!) and then headed to the outlets for shopping and dinner!

early morning snuggles! nash is in the duvet cover trying to get to mom!
my new shirt from jcrew!
On Sunday, we woke up bright and early (after going to sleep around 2:30 in the morning) to head to Cape Cod for the day!

We walked around Main Street in Hyannis, wandering in and out of shops and chatting. We even found a doggie bakery!

you know i bought nash a few treats!
After wandering, we had brunch at the Gourmet Brunch on Main Street - we highly recommend it!

my brunch sampler - i could have eaten a whole quiche it was so good!
mom's breakfast: lump crab meat over a poached egg and ham inside puff pastry
Then, we headed over to the main attraction (for us anyway) - the JFK Museum!

After the museum (which is neat, but very small) we got in the car and headed back up to the South Shore. On our way, we stopped in Plymouth so my mom could see Plymouth Rock! For those of you who have been there, you know it's a bit underwhelming - it is literally just a rock - but it is a neat piece of our history and it was a pretty drive through the Plymouth waterfront.

Then, we took Nash to Castle Island in South Boston for a long walk - just over 2 miles! It was a beautiful day to be outside and Nash loved every second of it!

he kept trying to go to the beach - unfortunately no dogs are allowed there!
On Sunday night we ordered in, watched lots of bad tv and avoided accidentally watching one of the many shows Josh and I were DVR-ing for this week since he didn't get home til after midnight. Around 12, I left to go get Josh from the airport and my mom stayed at the apartment and hung out with Nash - they definitely bonded on this trip!

On Monday morning, my mom headed into Boston with me at 7:30 and we had breakfast outside because it was such a beautiful morning! After breakfast, she camped out at Barnes & Noble near my office and spent a couple hours reading and relaxing (like me, my mom could never turn down a couple of hours in a bookstore!) before meeting me for a quick goodbye around 11:30 before she headed home!

I had an absolutely wonderful time this weekend - and my mom did too! We don't often have time to have girls weekends, just the two of us, and it was a perfect weekend to spend time talking and showing her a bit of my world here in Massachusetts. Somehow, we didn't get a single picture of the two of us together on this trip, but that just means there will have to be a next time!



  1. Oh my goodness - what a fantastic weekend!! Makes me miss my mamma...and I just saw her last week! Fun times!

  2. Such a nice weekend!!!! I am glad you had so much fun with your mom! :)


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