Happy {Sweet} Weekend!

Who is so ready for this weekend? I know I am! For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you probably saw when I posted my August To-Do List the other day...

And for those of you who didn't see it - there she is. A beauty, right? Also an insanely stressful mess. And I keep adding more things! Essentially, this is a "if-I-don't-do-this-before-school-starts-it'll-haunt-me-forever" type list. Some of them are also more time sensitive than the start of school. Like, paying bills. Or buying a card for Kara & Mike - since we're going to their wedding celebration on Sunday night and I really need to buy them a card now, and not on like, Monday. Fortunately, I've already crossed quite a few of these off since making the list earlier this week and I'm hopeful that an end is in sight.

This weekend - mainly tonight and tomorrow - I'll be tackling large portions of this list and doing some major organizing and cleaning around the apartment! Then, on Sunday, we're waking up super bright and early for a sunrise engagement photo session, and then on Sunday night we're heading to Ipswich to celebrate our friends Kara & Mike. They got married in Hawaii in June, but are having a celebration here for all of the folks that they love who didn't get to travel to Hawaii. Really, this is a win/win for everyone - who doesn't love wedding dancing? And Kara & Mike get to celebrate their wedding twice! I'm jealous!

Do you have fun weekend plans? Enjoying the little bit of summer left before the fall routine sets in? Or are you like me, tackling project after project in hopes that you'll be perfectly organized by fall? If you have a free moment, please feel free to click over to some of my favorites this week...

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Have a happy {sweet} weekend!



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