The To-Do List {Wedding Wednesday}

With our wedding just under a year away, I decided it was probably a good idea to put a master to-do list together...
This list has just about everything on it - although I'm sure at some point tasks will be added or removed. We feel like we've already got a pretty solid head start and are currently in search of the perfect band. 

Most of the stuff on this list is pretty typical, but there are a few things on here that you might not see on every wedding to-do list, like getting my ears pierced, ordering our ketubah (Jewish marriage contract) and some fun DIY projects. 

I'm so excited to work through this list over the next year! Once we get a few more of the bigger things taken care of - the band, florist and photographer - we both feel like everything else will more easily fall into place. 

Is there anything I left off of this list that you would add? Anything you think I added that could be left off? I'd love to hear your advice!



  1. UH...........I just slightly panicked and I'm not even engaged. Good luck Sara!

  2. Hey girl..found you on the Wedding Wednesday linkup! I'm from Boston too...although moved away for a little bit. Congrats on your wedding!! :)

  3. Hey...I just saw your comment on my post, but if you didn't know already you're a No Reply I can't write back to you!!

    Here is a tutorial to fix it!!

    1. Yay! I fixed it! You're not the first person to tell me this, and I couldn't figure out what the issue was! Thank you, thank you!!!

  4. great list!!! my wedding is next month...ahhhh!!

  5. Hi Nancy! It's definitely a priority for some, but for us, it just wasn't worth it. We had almost 200 people and I wanted to spend our budget on the day itself, instead of more people to prop it up. It wasn't our thing, but I can imagine that it could be helpful!


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