DIY: Chalkboard Pegboard

Yesterday, I gave you a sneak peek of my new favorite DIY addition to our apartment - the chalkboard pegboard on our balcony!

Making this was a fun and easy update for our balcony. It's a perfect place for me to store a book or hang a picture or some flowers - and if I want to add more shelving, I can use the pegboard for that too. 

To create this fun addition to the balcony, first I went to Lowe's and had them cut me a piece of pegboard.

After carting it home in the back of my car, and using heavy books to get rid of the bend from driving it home, I placed it on top of a plastic drop cloth in my office. Resting it on both the coffee table and the love seat, I used chalkboard paint to paint three light coats with a foam roller for complete coverage. I followed the instructions on the can to wait 4 hours between coats and it was definitely a good idea to use the drop cloth to protect the carpet and furniture.

I let it dry for a few hours, and propped it up against the wall on the balcony as soon as it was dry to the touch. And then I noticed one slight issue ...

Do you see it?

The top, in the humidity and rainy weather and everything else Mother Nature wanted to throw at it, wouldn't stay flat against the wall. So, I turned to Mother Nature's Little Helper - command strips.

I used the 12 lb. kind, and applied one to the side that wouldn't lay flat against the wall. I left the other side untaped because it didn't seem to be having any issues, but if any arise, I will use the command strips on that side too - and I'll keep you updated if that happens.

But for now, the chalkboard pegboard is secure, and Josh and I are excited to enjoy it on our balcony this summer!

Chalkboarding anything these days? Do you have a pegboard in your house? Have you painted it in any way? What projects are you up to on hot summer days?



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