Coat Closet Organization {Summer Cleaning}

Some people "spring clean," but not me - this year I'm "summer cleaning." I love organizing and I'm a pretty organized person. But sometimes life gets in the way, and spots that normally remain quite organized get thrown into disarray. Last year, after we moved into our apartment, we organized the spaces that we used most often - under the bathroom sink, the coat closet, the laundry room, the pantry, etc. Amazingly, the spaces that have survived the best in the past year are the laundry room and under the bathroom sink. Unfortunately, the worst looking space is a three way tie between under the kitchen sink, the pantry, and our coat closet.

Wow, what a mess, huh? Although it is summertime, and we're not using the coat closet too much, its nice to use as storage and in order for storage to be effective, it needs to be organized. The first step here? Pulling everything off that top shelf.

And re-organizing it into these clear bins from IKEA...

The bins are under $3 a piece, and at the price, you just cant beat how well they help you get organized. With everything freshly stowed away, and some items put in the Goodwill pile, the closet felt better already!

After that, it was a quick reorganization and clean up of the bottom area of the closet, taking it from this...

To this ... 

I used the black and pink crates to store much of the loose items you see above, figuring that I might as well use what we already have on hand. And while the closet is definitely filled with an assortment of items - Swiffer sweeper, unused tent, yoga mat - now it's a cleaner and more organized space! 

Are you a fan of summer cleaning? Or do you prefer the annual spring cleaning? And are you like me - driven nuts even by messes behind closed doors? Or would you rather just shut the door and pretend it isn't there? 



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