On School. {Believe}

Almost one year ago, I found out that I'd been accepted to Northeastern University's Master of Arts in Teaching for Secondary Licensure program. I applied to four schools - Northeastern, UMass Boston, Simmons, and Lesley - and Northeastern was the first school that I heard back from. Although I waited to hear from the others (and got in to all of them - which was incredible!), I think I knew from the moment I was accepted to Northeastern that it would be the school I would pick. 

Now, one year later, and exactly one month away from grade release day for my final classes, I could not be happier that I chose Northeastern. The program has been incredible and I have made some wonderful friends, but most importantly, it has helped me to grow as a person, and cultivated my sense of self as I work to become a teacher. 

Through this all, I have focused on my belief that this journey is the right one for me, and as I search for a job for the fall, this word keeps coming back to me: Believe. Which is actually completely appropriate because it is my one little word for the year 2013 and it is my fall back every step of the way. When I worry about the future, when I fall asleep on the train from exhaustion (oh yes, full disclosure, this happens), when I lose time with Josh and the pup, I take a deep breath, and I focus on believing in this journey and in myself. I have an incredible support system - Josh and my parents, and his parents and our friends have all lifted me up and their belief in me leads to a deeper belief in myself.

I am amazed that the first part of this journey is just one month away from being over, but I know that this beginning is just the tip of the iceberg and that I have a long career in education ahead of me. I believe that I can do this, that I can finish this month out strong and that I can find a job for the 2013-2014 school year. I believe that I can do it, and I will do it, and I know that it will be wonderful - I can feel it. 




  1. It's so, so crazy to me to think you only have a month left! You are going to be like, a freaking real adult and have a real job! I am super sad because I'll miss our talks but I am super happy for you!


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