Repotting the Potted Plants {Garden Balcony}

Confession: I do not have a green thumb. 

I want to have one, and I'm learning, and will hopefully one day have more answers than questions - but now is not that time. And so, my balcony garden that looked so pretty just a month ago, had gone from that, to this:

Nothing, except the basil - which apparently even I can't mess up, was really growing - or looking very green for that matter. They get sun, they get water, they get love - all the elements they need - but I decided to do something about the one element that I could - the soil. Originally, I used garden soil, not potting soil, which the garden center guy told me was okay, except now I think maybe it wasn't so okay. This time, I went to Lowe's, and picked up brand new potting soil.

I also picked up a plastic drop cloth (for less than $2) and came home to prep the space.

I didn't want to create a huge mess, or get dirt all through the cracks of the balcony that I just cleaned, so I lay the drop cloth down and secured it with some painters tape.

Then, I carefully removed the plant from the pot, dumped out the dirt, and re-filled the pot with the new potting soil and re-planted my tomatoes and rosemary!

And the best part? Easy clean-up!

The plants look great in their new soil, and I have high hopes that with the good weather and the new soil - I'll start to see some tomatoes at some point! 

Have you been tending to a garden? Growing tomatoes on your deck? Have great tips for growing delicious veggies? I'd love to hear from you!



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