Happy {June} Weekend!

The weekend is finally here - and we're in for another few days of heat in the Northeast! I love that weather has finally gotten warmer and I cannot wait to soak up the heat over the next few days.

Josh and I are finally going to see Iron Man this weekend, spend some time running errands (okay, that's more me than Josh - but he'll run some with me!), and we're going to see some close friends that we haven't seen in ages for a BBQ tomorrow afternoon! I have some more plans to spruce up the balcony and a paper to write on Sunday (for the record, it is due on Sunday - there's nothing like last quarter of grad school procrastination), but I am looking forward to a lot of time enjoying a fantastic weekend.

Do you have any plans for this warm weather, welcome-to-June weekend? Balcony makeovers or garden tending on the agenda? I hope you won't be stuck inside with too much work to do - I plan on writing my paper sitting on the balcony!

This week was a short week, and a busy one, and I didn't spend much time catching up on other blogs this week so there won't be a link love fest today. However, if you're interested in reading my posts and readings for ELL, literacy or 21st century education classes, I'd be happy to send those along!

Have a happy {June} weekend!



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