Bitten By The Organization Bug {Kitchen Cleaning}

Can anyone else believe that it's Wednesday already? And that there are only 2 days left in November? Even though each day seems to go by at a normal, and sometimes slower than normal, rate, somehow by the middle and end of the week, I'm always amazed at how quickly we've arrived at that point. But enough about my lack of ability to recognize time going by - I want to talk about some more important stuff - a little bit of kitchen organization.

You see, this is what this side of my kitchen looked like before. We don't have very much counter space, and in an effort to try to clean and clear up the little space we do have, I knew that the problem area on the right had to go. 

First step - getting rid of the olive oil bottle that was too tall to fit in the cabinet. Enter this little gem from Walmart for less than $2.

Then, it was time to reorganize the spices. I love the chalkboard tops - although some of them definitely need a retouching, as you can see in the picture above - but they were taking up too much space on the counter. So, I picked up these baskets - $1 for 3 at Walmart.

Then, I simply put the most used in those baskets - each one held 5 spice containers - and placed my remaining spices on the second shelf of the cabinet.

Then, I cleared off all the clutter from the utensil holders...

... and re-stocked them in a large glass bin (also from Walmart for about $6).

Then, I completely forgot to take a picture of the counter all cleaned up. But, all it holds now is a small ceramic rooster, the utensils, olive oil and my salt and pepper grinders.

And to make up for totally forgetting to take a finished picture (blogger fail, I know, please forgive me), here's a super cute picture from a wedding Josh and I went to in June! It hangs on the side of our fridge and is one of my favorite snapshots of the two of us!

The more time I spend in the kitchen, the more I want the space to be as fully functional as possible. Are any of you cleaning up and organizing your kitchens as the holiday season settles in? Or am I the only bitten by this silly organizing bug? 




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