Busy Days, Stressful Days

Good Morning! Do you see this beautiful desk? Do you see how everything is neat and organized and has a space? And how everything is in its space?

Well, I too have a beautiful desk, and I took have a space for everything, but unfortunately right now, at this moment, none of it is really where it's supposed to be. Between chairs that need to be re-upholstered and painted, items that need to be put on Craigslist, pictures that need to be taken, books that need to be read and papers that need to be written, and all of the other non-house work that needs to be done - I have found myself in an impossibly busy situation.
I am not going to lie to you or make it seem easy and breezy - my life right now is stressful. It's busy, which is a truly great thing and I am so happy that I am able to have all of these amazing things in my life right now. But I am also getting a new lesson in time management and learning to take one day at a time, plan thoroughly, and sort of just hope for the best sometimes.
My question for you, on this gorgeous Fall Monday morning is this: How do you cope with stress? Do you eat a little chocolate? Hit the gym extra hard? Veg out with a good book or a good movie one night a week? I'd love to know your secrets for destressing - sometimes other people have the best strategies! I also hope that you'll forgive me if posts are a little late going up this week, or if the lighting in pictures isn't the best - as I get used to this busier schedule over the next few weeks - I promise that things will get back to normal!
I hope that you have a great Monday and a great start to your week!



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