Lists Are My Favorite

Seriously, lists really are one of my favorite things. I've mentioned it before, but I love being able to plan everything out in a list, refer back to it, and to cross each item on the list off as it gets done. And it's not just to-do lists that I love - I also love to make lists for the grocery store and other errands, lists of books that I want to read, and so many others. Today, I want to focus on the most thought of type of list - the to-do list.

We're making a little progress on our apartment - it's certainly livable - and is getting more decorated by the day. We've made some big choices about certain decor decisions (POLL UPDATE: The "no painting" won out by a few votes, but Josh has offered to compromise and we're going to paint an accent wall! Yay! And yes, I was the one that wanted to paint - wasn't that clear?) and we're ready to dive in head first to make sure that this apartment feels as much like a home as possible in as little time as possible. Here, moving from space to space, I'm going to outline for you what we'd like to do with the space. This list isn't written in stone, and things may change, but these are the things we'd like to get done within the more immediate future.


  • move bench
  • hang chalkboard
  • find/make/buy shoe storage
  • makeover mini-cabinet
  • paint accent wall

Dining Area

  • get old table out
  • get new table and chairs refinished and into the space


  • update kitchen hardware
  • finish organizing drawers


  • hang art
  • clean/organize coat closet

2nd Bedroom

  • finish desk and put in room
  • finish shelves and put in room
  • clean/organize
  • put coffee table on Craigslist
  • make sofa table skirt
  • hang curtain rod and buy/make/hang curtains

Guest Bathroom

  • hang art
  • buy new soap dispenser

Living Room

  • change chaise side on couch
  • hang art over couch
  • hang art next to bedroom door


  • add planter
  • move bench to space
  • add table/chairs

  • hang art
  • put together and makeover new nightstand
  • clean/organize 

Master Bathroom
  • hang towel hooks
  • raise shower curtain
  • hang art
I'm so sorry to not have pictures of our bedroom and bathroom, but I promise to show progress pictures as we work in there to complete the space. And as we tackle each space, I will definitely keep you updated to where we are in the list and how much progress we're making! Are you a fan of lists? Or do you prefer to tackle things head on and figure it out as you go? 




  1. I love this! It is exactly what I wanted to do for our renovation process and exactly what I never found the time to do during! Pleasure meeting you last night. I need some tips on places to go in Quincy and Milton, fire away! Number one, where on earth to get my nails done and get good pizza!!


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