Stuart the Sander {I Heart Powertools}

It's true - I do heart power tools. Last year, for the holidays, a new drill made it on to my list. Now, only ten months later, I've finally picked up my next tool. Why did I wait so long, you ask? Because we don't have unlimited space and only certain tools are amazing enough to warrant taking up that space. And, my friends, this Black & Decker 0.5 Amps Detail Power Sander (nicknamed MOUSE) is just that amazing.

When I decided to tackle my table makeover process, I decided that I needed to do something about my lack of electric sander. Sanding is my least favorite part of any project and while I may have just skipped the step in favor of an amazing primer, this table has seen a lot and I wanted a smooth surface to begin with. I want to remove all of the little dings ...

And create a smooth base to prime and paint.

And this little guy does exactly that! He's easy to use, not that noisy, and comes with a dust picker-upper part (read: Dust Compact). In short - this tool is awesome. And I may or may not have named him Stuart. (You know, like Stuart Little, E.B. White's awesome storybook character.) 

Stuart came packaged with sanding paper and tons of other fun accessories. I bought the sander at Lowe's, and it was within steps of extra sanding paper for when I need it. Does it get easier than that?

Do you have a power sander that you love as much as I love Stuart? And are you also obsessed with power tools? Which ones are your favorites?

P.S. I wasn't paid or sponsored by Lowe's or Black & Decker for this post - they have no idea who I am or that I am obsessed with their store and products. I just really love this little guy and wanted to share the awesomeness with all of you.



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