It's Moving Day!

... Or, more appropriately - It's Moving Day Part 1! Starting today, we'll be spending a few days making car trips to the new place, part of our weekend celebrating our friend's marriage at a wedding, and then on Sunday we'll be moving the big stuff (read: our bed and couches) with the U-haul. For now though, we are mostly partially packed and ready to begin the move! Because we have a few days, we'll be re-using some boxes and so packing is happening in some slight increments. I don't necessarily recommend this method, but for us, it works, and we're ready begin this next adventure!

Today is also my Boston-versary! Four years ago today, I moved into my first apartment in Boston - a 2nd floor walk-up in Brighton Center. One year after that, I moved into my apartment in Somerville, and after 2 years there, Josh and I moved to our current apartment. And now, one year later, we're moving into our 2nd home together!

Boxes are packed and ready to go!
I've moved a lot over the years, back and forth to college, across country and back, and even just across a river, but I can, without a doubt, honestly tell you that moving with Josh is the best. He's organized, keeps things in check, and helps keep my energy right where it should be. Our moves together have been calm and fast-moving, and I am looking forward to this move and many, many more to come!
I hope you all have a great day and a great start to August! I'll be back tomorrow with some moving updates and a first look of our apartment for you!



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