Our New Apartment {First Look}

It's official! We now hold the keys to our new apartment! Yesterday morning, we signed the lease, got our keys and then got right to work! Are you ready for a ton of pictures??? Here is the first glimpse of our new apartment - pre-furniture moving, pre-unpacking, pre-organization and pre-decoration!

Walking in! Our dining nook, partial kitchen view and partial living rom view!
Looking into the 2nd bedroom and living room - and at our coat closet!
The 2nd bedroom - our office and den!
View from the other side of the office/den - on the left is the hallway and coat closet and on the right are the room closets and the guest bathroom!
View from the living room into the bedroom and the kitchen
Our master bedroom! 
Walk-in closet and master bathroom!
Living room view from the master bedroom with the balcony in sight
Up-close shot of the balcony!
I sort of forgot to get a picture of the kitchen (oops), but this should give you a good look into our new, mostly empty, shell of an apartment. We are so excited to get everything moved in and will be working today and tomorrow to bring over quite a few more boxes and non u-haul items. I've already gotten started on some projects and we cannot wait to make this place feel like home!



  1. Looks nice. Looks similar to your old apartment. :) And you forgot to take a pic of the kitchen?! That's the best room in the house! Hope you and Josh settle in well. Hope I get to come see it soon, too!

    1. Thanks, Hannah! It is similar, but a smaller layout and we have the outside space! And I have no clue how I didn't take a picture of the kitchen! I was rushing around since it was so hot and I thought I got it but when I got back home... Oops! Can't wait for you to see it too!


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