Instalife {July Edition}

Happy End of July! Before we let this month slip away from us - I wanted to do July's Instalife post - showcasing my favorite instagram pictures from this month. While I usually take more pictures on Instagram, it's been a crazy busy month and taking pictures and remembering to post them to Instagram was not always at the front of the mind. These, however, were my favorites from the past few weeks! 

From the top left, clockwise, that's Nash on the ferry on ou our way to the Hamptons, grilling dinner with cousins, banana bread french toast and cookie dough pancakes, and my updated computer software! But, without question, my favorite Instagram picture that I took this month was this one...

Have I told you how handsome my puppy is? In case I haven't, I'll let the picture tell you for me. Josh and I discovered the iPhone app, Meme Generator, and we've had way too much fun adding text to some of our favorite photos of Nash! 

I hope you had a great July and that you're looking forward to a wonderful month of August! 




  1. haha i need to look more at puppy swag, i love puppy posters since i am the mother of two adorable puppies, ok they aren't puppy age anymore but i still call them that


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