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A little while ago, I showed you what our bedroom/closet/bathroom area looked when we first moved in - empty, overstuffed, and in need of something on the walls. Next week, I'm going to finally show you how everything looks all together, but before then, I want to share with you what goes on in our bathroom storage. 

For almost 8 months, our bathroom cabinets looked like these two pictures. Nothing could ever be found, cabinet doors didn't always shut properly and I don't even want to tell you how many things have been lost due to dropping it in the toilet from the over-toilet cabinet. So finally, after way too many months of dealing with this, I decided to do something about it. 

First, I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond and snagged these two metal drawers. They were a little more than I had wanted to spend, $19.99 for one and $14.99 for the other (before my coupons), but in case we find ourselves needed storage that is seen, I decided to go with the prettier looking drawers.

Then, I set to work tackling the cabinets. I took everything out, figured out what was old (why did we have 5 opened toothbrushes for the 2 of us?) and what should be kept, and created a large bag of throw-away items. After removing all of the crap, it was amazing how much space we had to work with. 

I put the new drawers into the cabinet first, slowly filled them up, and then worked my way from there through the rest of that cabinet and the other one. I placed lesser used items in the bottom drawer and the top shelf of the hanging cabinet, making sure to keep things like medicine and band-aids, along with my hair dryer, well within reach. After only about an hour, our very crowded and messy bathroom cabinets finally look like this:

Sorry for the blurry pictures, the lighting in the bathroom isn't great!
Things are now easy to find and pretty to look at! I still cannot believe all of the useless stuff that I had in there - from old half used lotions to makeup that I hadn't used in years. It's so much nicer knowing how organized this area is now! 

Has the spring cleaning bug bitten you too? Cleaned out any spaces lately? What do you use for storage in your bathroom? And are you battling excess product like I was? I'd love to hear from you!




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