Organization Fever {Take 2}

Good Morning! A few weeks ago, I posted about how I'd been bitten by the Spring cleaning bug a little bit early this year. I thought maybe it had to do with the lack of a real Winter, or that Daylight Savings was so early, but whatever the reason, my organization fever is here to stay. Now that it actually is Daylight Savings time (hello bright evenings), I have two more newly organized spots to show you.

First, I organized my overflowing baskets of DIY projects from this ...

... to this!

First, I started by taking out everything I had overflowing with DIY materials stuffed into my closets. That pretty much came down to these baskets and this tray. My furniture/house paint and spray paint are stored elsewhere, so that wasn't part of this organization.

Then, I took everything out and placed it into piles and then organized those piles into three separate categories: Sewing Supplies, Paint Supplies and General Supplies. Using 4 containers that I picked up at IKEA for about $2.50 each, I then placed the supplies in accordingly. General Supplies got 2 containers - since it has the most stuff, and Sewing and Paint each got 1. I am still using the tray, but only for a few of the oversized items you see above, like that tissue paper, some fabric, and a few other things. Now, it's not only easier to find what I'm looking for, but it's faster.

And of course, I labeled them!

Second, I organized my nightstand - taking it from this ...

to this!

Granted, it wasn't too messy to begin with, but that evil canvas bin with all of its mess staring up at me was really starting to bother me. I started by taking out the large green box and the canvas bin - the two problem areas in the nightstand.

I cleaned through them, throwing away things like the half pack of Tarot cards (where did the other half go?) and old cell phone boxes that I really just don't need. I also moved some items to their rightful places - like that purple ribbon you see. Then, everything got placed back into the green box and I placed my journal and an old notebook, along with a candle, into the canvas bin. And now, I have a space for new library books and there's no more evil bin staring up at me! It's a win win situation!

How's your Spring cleaning going? Ready to give up already? I'm hoping to go through the closets again this weekend and see what else I can throw away or donate. Hope you're having a great Tuesday and make sure to check back this afternoon for a great recipe for roast chicken!



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