Rainy Day Blues

It's another rainy day here in Boston - foggy, gloomy and windy - the works. The only redeeming quality in this is that it should reach almost 60 degrees later on today. Well, that, and that this weather allows me to day dream about all of my favorite rainy day clothes! On a day like today, sometimes the only thing pulling you out of bed are thoughts of your favorite rainy fashion. While I do own a very similar rainy day assortment of clothes (trench, raincoat, fun bright scarf and a great umbrella), it could always use an upgrade - I really do need Hunter rainboots - and this collection would be perfect.

1. Banana Republic Trench; 2. YSL Allegra Cashmere Scarf; 3. Hunter Wellies in Dark Olive; 4. Large Golf Umbrella
I'm really head over heels for YSL scarf and love spicing up my outfits with bright colors - even if it's just a little pop of color in a scarf or a belt! I feel like it's important, especially on gloomy, rainy days, to do something to make yourself smile - whether it's wearing something special or savoring your favorite breakfast. To put a little extra pep in my step today (yes, I did just say 'pep in my step'), I'm wearing my favorite Kelly Green belt just to brighten up my day!

What are you doing to make your day great today? Wearing something extra bright like I am? Or maybe treating yourself to a coffee from your favorite cafe? Whatever it is, I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday and a fantastic start to February! Rabbit, rabbit!



  1. this looks like the perfect outfit to battle the rain in style!

  2. Lounging on my couch after work with my book before my favorite weekday yoga class (my heart belongs to Saturday morning).


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