Groundhog Day {Thankful Thursday}

Today, I am thankful for Punxsutawny Phil. And before you ask me if I've lost my mind - the furry little guy did just tell us there'd be six more weeks of winter - how can anyone be mad at this face?

Poor little Phil was awoken from his slumber to come out of his "home" on Gobbler's Knob after the knock of President Bill Deeley. After being awoken, and standing around on the stump while everyone kind of just looked at each other, this proclamation was read:

And while usually six more weeks of winter comes as a slight disappointment to most of us, since we haven't had much of a winter yet anyway, this year I will take it and I will be thankful for Punxsutawny Phil's prediction. Hey, maybe the little guy knows something we don't!

Happy Groundhog Day everyone! Hope you have a wonderful (and thankful) Thursday!



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