It's Super Bowl Time!

Good Morning! Happy Friday and Happy Superbowl Weekend!

Is everyone getting ready for an awesome game on Sunday night? Finalizing plans, party menus and of course, making sure you have some gear to support your team? And for those of you who either don't actually care about football or are just totally bummed that your team didn't make it, at least you have some delicious food and great commercials to look forward to. I mean, how does this commercial not get you excited?

Yea, that's what I thought - so cute!!! Josh showed this to me - yet another reason why I love him! I am so excited for an amazing weekend filled with good food and good friends. And I am going to cook up a storm this weekend - pesto stuffed tomatoes and some dips to start, wings and ribs with cornbread and then oreo truffles, football brownies and peanut butter pretzel bites for dessert! And yes, in case you're wondering, I do know this is way too much food, but I will send some home with guests and Josh and I will nosh on the rest during the week. And it will give me the opportunity to share lots of recipes with you!

Here are a few things that I am absolutely loving on this wonderful Friday:

This delicious recipe for Pretzel Chicken that I made last night. (Note: I didn't have stone ground mustard, or canola oil, so I used vegetable oil and subbed extra dijon, some regular and some honey mustard, plus some squeezes of honey for the stone ground mustard. It was fantastic.)

Do you read A Blog About Love? You should. Especially this post.

Some great ideas for healthier Superbowl snacks can be found here.

Want to make your own Valentine's Day card? Check this out. (I'll show you the homemade card I made Josh in 2 weeks!)

And I will leave you with this (not kidlanguage-friendly, but safe for work) video with some Boston awesomeness in support of our boys (I've lived in New England for almost 8 years, they can be my boys now) on the field this weekend:

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and don't forget, GO PATRIOTS!!!



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