Puppy Love

Happy Friday lovelies! Before the week is over, I just wanted to do one last Valentine's theme post and send some love to the other man in my life - our pup Nashville! The last time I shared pictures of him with you was over two months ago in December! And so, I thought you might want to see how much our adorable puppy has grown...

Before he learned to jump on the couch...
Sleeping in the car
Helping me update Twitter!
Waiting for Dad to come home...
Caught in the act
Lazy Sunday Morning Photoshoot!
Sleeping in my lap (ignore the paint pants!)
Getting ready for bed
And he really does just get cuter by the day! He's a handful, but we love him! He's the most cuddly, totally crazed, amazing pup that we could have ever imagined! And we are very much looking forward to this upcoming long weekend - especially now that he's adapted to sleeping in.

Do you all have any plans for the weekend ahead? We're going to be relaxing, celebrating a close friend's engagement and enjoying the otherwise quiet weekend. We may even go see The Descendants! If you've seen it, I'd love to hear what you thought! If you have some spare time this weekend, make sure to check out some of this awesomeness from this week...

An Open Letter to Vogue Magazine about Adele's feature story

Some quotes on choosing happiness

Inspiring DIY map project using slatted wood

An interesting lesson on parenting for the troubled teen (c/o YouTube)

And of course, Jennifer Hudson's stunning tribute to Whitney Houston last Sunday evening.

I'll see you here on Monday (even though it is a holiday) to share a delicious recipe with you that is perfect for the crock pot! Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Nash is ADORABLE!! I love pic where he's laying his head on your laptop - Dimona does that too, making it impossible to actually type anything. It's so sweet that he can fit perfectly curled up in your lap. What a lovey! Thanks for sharing my post with your readers. Have a great weekend! :)


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