Entryway Reveal!

Last Monday, we left off with our entryway reveal (here) when I tried to hang the hooks in the hall and discovered, to my major disappointment, that the wall had no studs in it. While considering a few different options (including putting the hooks on the wall where our boots are and moving the art to the wall above the bench), the wonderful Ami Dawn from Amidala commented and suggested that I try heavy duty wall anchors. And let me tell you, Ami Dawn is a genius and these heavy duty wall anchors saved our entryway!

First things first, I headed out to our local Lowe's and bought myself some of these bad boys:

They are awesome. Not only are there a bunch of them in the package that only cost a couple of dollars, but the package is resealable! Now I don't have to worry about the rolling out everywhere and losing them! After I calmed down from overly excited wall anchor packaging reaction, and even though I had already marked the spots to drill my holes, I took the time to re-measure and make sure everything was level again. Then, I drilled my holes and hammered my wall anchors into the wall. Sorry there are no action shots, this part needed 2 hands and Josh was occupying the pup who gets terrified of the drill noise. I did take a picture (albeit a sort of wonky one) once the anchors were in! And yes, they are level - I promise!

The next step was to get the hooks up and screw them in. I started the process using the drill, but found it was easier to do it by hand.

A few minutes later, I popped the screw covers on and VOILA! We have hooks!!!

After that, it didn't take very long to get the bench in place and hang up our coats! We also cleaned the rest of the carpet in the entryway (so there's no longer a large black stain when you come into our apartment). I do plan on adding some pillows to the bench soon, but for now, I'm incredibly happy with the way this turned out. In just one two quick weekends, after months and months of living in this:

We now have a beautiful entryway to help us invite visitors into our home!

We absolutely love it and I am so beyond thrilled to have finally finished taking care of the entryway! You may remember that one of my New Year's Resolutions was to stop complaining about it and do something with the entryway. I am very happy that in just one month - the mission has been accomplished! Next step, finishing hanging up all of our art!

How are your resolutions coming along? Are you finding it difficult to get inspired or are you quickly crossing things off of your list? I hope you're having a wonderful Thursday!



  1. your entryway looks great! i especially love your green coat :) and thanks for the shout-out, i'm glad i could help!

  2. Love the new coat hanger - the hooks are gorgeous! Where did you find them?


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