Cookies and A Card

While I usually only post once a day, I wanted to stop back in this afternoon and share with you a how-to for some delicious cookies that I made last weekend and the card that I made Josh for Valentine's Day!

While watching Phantom Gourmet on Saturday morning, we saw them showcase a restaurant where they served Chocolate Chip Cookies STUFFED with Oreos. Chocolate Chip Oreo Cookies??? We were sold. And they looked so easy to make! So I headed into our grocery store, picked up the ingredients, and headed home to get to work! All you need to make this are these 2 ingredients:

Okay, so you could make your own cookie dough, and normally I would, but I also wanted to make the sugar cookies I showed you here on Monday and really, sometimes the shortcuts work just as well! To form the cookies I simply took some dough, flattened it in the palm of my hand and placed an Oreo on top to start.

Then, I folded up the sides and placed just enough dough to cover the Oreo on top, then rounded out the dough ball a bit, and placed it on the cookie sheet!

When the sheet was filled, I popped it in the oven at 375 degrees for 15 minutes (to make sure it was intact, you may find a 12-13 minute time works better with your oven) and then let them cool on the cookie racks!

They were fantastic! I would show you pictures of the inside, but um, we may have eaten them before I realized I didn't have a picture! The Oreo cookie becomes a little soft and the cream filling is deliciously gooey! These are so easy to make and definitely worth the extra calories! And they're a great treat for that special someone in your life who loves Oreo cookies!

Then, it was time to create some personalized Valentine's magic. Back in November, I had the idea of making my own holiday cards for friends and family and so I purchased some blank cards and envelopes. Then life got in the way a little bit and a few days ago, I discovered that I still had all of those card making supplies and decided to make my own Valentine's Day card for Josh.

I was inspired by this card that I saw on Pinterest and decided to make something similar.

                                                                              Source: via Sara on Pinterest

I started with a deck of cards and some of the blank cards.

Then, I took out the "King of Hearts" card and played around with it in different positions and with different phrases.

Option One
Option Two
Option Three
I chose the third one, and attached the playing card to the front of the card using tape on the back.

Then I took out the "Queen of Hearts" card and used that for the inside of the card, attaching it using the same taping method.

Then I added a message to Josh, popped it into an envelope and sealed it with a kiss!

Have you ever made your own cards? It's definitely easier than it looks! And how about those cookies? They were to-die-for! I brought some into my office and they were gone before lunchtime! Mmm... so delicious!



  1. I loved those oreo-chocolate chip cookies! Have you ever done the cupcakes with cookie dough filling? I highly suggest!


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