Recipe: Easy BBQ Chicken

This is the first dish that I can ever remember making without parental guidance. A friend taught me how to make it when we were in middle school - one night we cooked this "gourmet" meal for her parents. We did it using dijon mustard, but as was explained to me then, you could easily switch it out for BBQ sauce. And so, later on, I did just that! This dish is super delicious and most importantly, easy to make. This is important because this is the dish that I used to get Josh into the kitchen with me. And while it turned into more of a watching only tutorial than a hands-on adventure, it was still a lot of fun to be in the kitchen together!

Here are the ingredients for the world's easiest BBQ chicken:

Chicken. And BBQ sauce. That's it. Seriously. Does it get much easier than that? And yes, you can really use any BBQ sauce. We went to the store (clearly, Whole Foods) and picked out whatever looked good. If you wanted an extra kick, you could add a cajun spice rub, or something similar, to the chicken as well.

First, pre-set your oven to 350 degrees.

Then, clean the chicken. Take it out of the package. Rinse it off. Cut the fat from it. Rinse it again. And pat it dry with a paper towel.

I like to set my prep area up like this! Also, not everyone cuts off the fat from their chicken,
but I think it is gross to bite into chunks of chicken fat when eating dinner. Just saying.
Then, place it in an oven safe dish and pour BBQ sauce onto the chicken breasts. Spoon it on. Turn it over. Spoon more on. Make sure it is nicely coated. (Note: You could definitely prep this the night before and keep the chicken in the fridge in a bowl, covered in sauce. Not of all us can remember to that the night before to prepare for dinner on a Tuesday night.)

Next, place it in your pre-heated oven for 25 minutes. Then, you wait. While you wait you can do all sorts of things, but mostly, you can prep your side dishes! To go with our bbq chicken, we had:

Mmm... Broccoli!
And Trader Joe's Organic Brown Rice! Delish!
Then, when the timer goes off, take the chicken out of the oven!

We served ours with some delicious frozen broccoli from Target (as shown above, but we added: Tony C's spice and a small pat of butter) and frozen brown rice from Trader Joe's (3 minutes to delicious rice! yum!). Coming in at just under 30 minutes from prep to table - it's the perfect weeknight meal!



  1. nothing is better than a great meal that doesn't take very long to fix.

  2. Looks good! I love recipes that are simple and fast :) Thanks for sharing!


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