Ready or Not, Here I Run!

Well, the time is finally arrived. Tomorrow, I will run in my first official road race. I know. Me? A road race? I mean, I said I'd signed up for it here, and I even said I might regret it, and that it was going to be super super cold out, but it turns out that I was wrong on both accounts. I don't regret signing up (although I do regret my lack of preparation) and it isn't even going to be cold! Clearly, the stars have aligned for me to run, and run fast, during tomorrow's 5K - the 2012 Resolution Run to Kick Cancer:

It's in Lexington, MA and the race starts at 11 am! I'm going to get there between 9 and 9:30 to pick up my race packet and then to um... stand around? Stretch? Do some warm-ups? I really have no idea what one does while they're waiting, but I'm excited. I'll probably just listen to the Rocky soundtrack over and over until it's time to start running. Seriously though, I really lucked out with the weather. Thanks to global warming, the weather on January 7th (tomorrow) is going to look like this:

Partly Cloudy


I can't believe it either! 49 Degrees? That's incredible! Apparently the record high was set in 1995 at 51 degrees - but I'm betting that it might get beaten tomorrow. Either way though, I will take 49 degrees and partly cloudy weather for my first road race with a smile and huge THANK YOU to the weather gods. And, for this race, my only goal is to run the whole time. This is a sort of big goal for me, but I've got determination, Adele on my iTunes and Josh (and the pup!) cheering me on, so I think that I just might be able to accomplish it! Please think happy thoughts for me tomorrow morning as I line up to compete try to run alongside all of the other (actual) runners.

Any advice that you have for first time road racers is absolutely welcomed! I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend! I will see you back here on Monday morning to share with you the results of the road race, and with a new recipe (or two)! Happy Weekend!



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