New Year's "Resolutions"

I like resolutions. A lot. Even though I generally just use them as guidelines or a makeshift to do list and not as strict demands I'm putting on my life, I still feel as though resolutions provide me with a sense of direction with which to focus my energy on and, though it is already January 4th, today I have a few awesome resolutions to share with you. 4 to be exact. 4 wonderful resolutions that I am beyond ready to get started with and, while he may not know it yet, Josh is excited about getting started with also.

#1. Eat dinner at the table. 

And no, not the coffee table, the dining table. In our "dining nook." Are Josh and I alone in this? (I'm sure we're not, but please validate me anyway.) Most Almost every night, dinner is eaten while sitting on the couch at our coffee table. This is a problem for many reasons, not the least of which being that it puts our food very close to the level of our cute puppy that has recently grown just enough to prop his cute paws on the table and lean in to try to steal our food. This was cute at first. Not so cute anymore. And Josh and I have had discussions about it too. They usually go something like this...

Josh: Nash, stop begging.

Sara: He might not beg so much if we sat at the table instead.

Josh: You're right - tomorrow night we should do that.

The next night...

Sara: Why are we eating while sitting on the couch again?

Josh: The chairs at our table are too uncomfortable to sit on.

Sara: Oh, you're right. We should do something about that.

It's really a terrible habit that we need to break and so, I resolve to take care of our terrible chairs. I also think that it's actually easier to eat while sitting at a real table, and not awkwardly hunched over a coffee table. So, this is resolution numero uno and the one that I am most looking forward to making work.

#2. Stop complaining about the entryway and finish decorating it.

Our entryway isn't pretty. For starters, the space is small and we don't want to crowd it. I bought some amazing art for the space but I can't hang it up until I a) find a table that fits in the space or b) put something other than a table into the space. This has been an incredibly frustrating process because I know what I want, but cannot seem to find it anywhere. And so, I complain about it. Often. It's time to stop complaining and focus on finishing it.

#3. Create a cleaning schedule.

Confession: I am a lazy cleaner. It's true - I swear. I clean when I have to - I clean when the clutter starts to pile up. And so this leads to only occasional dusting, and once a week vacuuming. For the first 2 months we lived in our apartment - we didn't even own a working vacuum and it was terrible. Now we own one, and I bought a duster, so now we just have to put them to use. I want to create a cleaning schedule that isn't terrible demanding and see if I can stick to that, so that instead of having marathon cleaning sessions every Sunday or so, I can stay on top of the work so that our apartment is always clean.

And, last but not least, #4. Get the hanging done.
Does this sound weird to you? Okay, good, I'm not the only one. But seriously, Josh and I have some hanging to do. We need to start with putting up our new curtain rods. Then we can hang curtains in our living room. And then we can repeat this process on the windows in our bedroom and in the den. And then we need to hang some more artwork - in our bedroom, our bathroom, and in the den - because the walls are looking a little bare and after 4 months, it's time. It is definitely time.

I am super excited for 2012 and I cannot wait to get to work on keeping these resolutions! Did you make any resolutions this year? Are they more like my to-do list resolutions or are they more like typical new year's resolutions? Either way, I wish you the best of luck in sticking with them!



  1. these are great resolutions! i really need to get some together so i have some goals for this year!

  2. I'm right there with you on so many of these. While we do eat at the table, the TV is on a little bit (ok, a lot) too often. And your foyer is my bedroom!

  3. I like your list.

    We only eat at the table because we have a direct view of the tv. We may or may have included this problem when designing our floor plan.

    As for a cleaning schedule. I highly recommend it! We clean during the week. It stinks but it's so nice having the week-end free!


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