I'm Daring to... Deck the Halls!

And no, not with boughs of holly! (Come on, I might love Christmas music, but I'm still a Jewish girl to the core.) And, as such, I have decked the halls with some winter and fall decor this season! Keeping in line with the last few weeks, I am of course Daring to DIY with the NewlyWoodwards - linking up to Kim's amazing blog party!

Making this candle holder was so simple and, although slightly time consuming, has yielded a fantastic result. To make this candle holder, I just used broken twigs (from a purchased grouping at Hobby Lobby), a small glass candle holder, my handy dandy hot glue gun, and some leather ribbon. 

At first, I thought I would need the measuring board and the rotary blade, but the branches easily broke into smaller pieces.

To secure the twigs to the candle holder, I simple glued a spot at the top and then one at the bottom for each twig. This made sure that each twig stayed in place, but it also created two lines of hot glue around the candle holder that could be seen from the outside. Here's a view of the inside of the holder:

So, to remedy this situation (seeing the hot glue from the outside - so not pretty!), when I was finished going around the entire holder with the twigs, I simple used two piece of leather ribbon, each wrapped around the holder about 3 times, to cover it up. It gives it a rustic, woodsy look, I think, and is perfect for the holidays! I'm sorry that there aren't more action shots, but it's one of those projects that once you start, you sort of have to just keep going until you finish - without much stopping time in between! 

I hope that you have all had a wonderful weekend and are looking forward to a fantastic week - only one more until the holidays start! I'd love to see pictures of any holiday decor that you've created so please - feel free to comment and send links to your own work! 



  1. Very clever! I like the "natural" vibe using the twigs.

  2. This looks so pretty! And I love that you can really use them all fall and winter. Super festive! Thanks so much for linking up to Dare to DIY! It's great to see your projects.

  3. Great job! Check out my Twig Stars to use up more of your twigs!


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