Creating a Gallery Wall

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday everyone! After Josh and I moved into our new apartment, I pleaded with my parents for some hand me down art and was able to garner a small (but now growing) collection of art. Using one of our main hallway walls, I created a gallery wall.

For about a month after we moved in, the art all sat in the hall, leaning against the wall, like this:

And then, after lots of listening to Josh tell me he was tired of it looking cluttered, I set about picking which pieces would go where by tracing their outlines onto stock paper and using those to play around with different options.

We settled on this outline and I set about hanging the 6 pieces of art included in this. The remaining pieces have been hung in other areas - including another part of the hallway and our living room. We are super happy with how it turned out though.

It's simple, but leaves room to add more as Josh and I work on collecting pieces together to compliment our lives and personal style. Do any of you have a gallery wall in your home? Does it have more than just framed pieces? I love to see different mixes of styles throughout gallery walls and I can't wait to grow ours!



  1. Great start on the gallery wall! Check out my blog tomorrow - I've picked you for the Versatile Blogger Award!

  2. Awesome idea!! Love the way it looks!


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