Closet Clean-Up

Remember when, a few weeks ago, I showed you the picture of a closet that looked too messy to be believed? Well, I am proud to say that this closet no longer looks this way! Instead of what may have been the world's messiest closet, I am very happy (and a little proud) to say that this:

Now looks like this:

It's such a stark difference! Now, not only do I not have a crazy mess haunting me, but I have extra space to use for storage, and easy access to all of that storage space. The closet space before restricted me from finding anything I needed and kept me from being able to neatly store the project materials that I use often.

In order to begin the insane process of cleaning up this closet, the first thing I knew I had to do was empty the entire closet.

It really is a large space and it was such a relief to get everything out of there. But of course, once you take everything out of the closet, it has to go somewhere - and that somewhere turned out to be all over the second bedroom. With everything just out there in the open, it looked like we were getting ready to move again!

My little helper scurrying out my shot!
Disaster Zone

Why did we keep these boxes?
Who could believe that I own this much stuff? (Okay, I can. And you probably can too. But still, I'm just saying.) Here some of it is, post-paring down, in individual piles strewn about the room.

The Sara Pile
The Josh Pile
The General Pile
Then, after I had gone through each pile and thrown away a bunch of stuff that probably shouldn't have been moved with us in the first place, I set about moving it back into the closet. First, I moved in a small bookcase that we had been thinking about selling on Craigslist. We may have lost out on a few bucks, but it makes a great storage fit for the closet!

Next up was Josh's golf bag, along with all of our suitcases and duffel bags, which I put inside of the hard suitcases to save even more space. Also, we are utilizing the top shelf space for guest item storage - including our air mattress, extra comforter, and a sleeping bag.

Loving this easy way to store our extra bags!

Then, using some amazing IKEA boxes, I boxed up the 3 main piles in the room: one with general items, one with things of mine, and one with some of Josh's stuff. The boxes create a slight overhang from the shelf, but it's only a couple of inches and won't fall.

Love IKEA!
Finally, I moved things back onto the bookcase - board games, picture albums, old textbooks, and of course - CRAFT SUPPLIES! The basket contains a large amount of supplies, and the bottom shelf is acting as ribbon storage.

Does anyone else love board games as much as I do?
I also moved back in some (only SOME) of the large plastic moving containers. Other miscellaneous items that also made it into the closet include my exercise ball, large cardboard for spray painting projects and a few pieces of art still looking for a home.

There were a few items taken out of this closet not given or thrown away, and instead placed in other parts of the apartment. These include this pile of shoes:

Which is now residing in our hall coat closet, in these awesome IKEA shoe containers:

I hope you'll forgive the terrible lighting...
And the laundry baskets and moving dolly, which now reside in the laundry area:

Our Laundry "Room"
Josh and I are both so so glad to finally have this de-cluttered space and I love that I can use it to store all of my supplies. Let's get one more before look at this space:

And our newly cleaned closet:

After! :)
Don't you just love when things are neat and organized? I know I do! Enjoy your Wednesday morning and I'll be back later today with a Wordless Wednesday post to display some updated puppy pictures!



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