DIY: Two Toned Flats

Good Morning and Happy Friday everyone! Are you excited to learn how to make these awesome two-toned flats??? I thought so.

Ever since I saw this awesome tutorial over at Say Yes to Hoboken for creating your own two toned flats, I had been dying to try it myself. Then, I happened to be in Target and happened to walk past the shoe section and happened to notice that they had the same purple flats in my size for only $14.95 and with my 5% discount (I have a Target Debit Card) - I really just couldn't pass them up. So, I tossed them in the cart and brought them on home!

Once home, I got my materials together:

Gold Spray Paint
Painter's Tape
Scrap Paper

I taped the scrap paper around the shoe, using the tape to line my toe border. I just eyeballed it, using the tapewidth to guide me. I also taped around the bottom of each shoe so that I would only get the spray paint on the top and sides, and not on the sole of the shoe. Then, I took the scrap paper and taped it around the open part of the flat.

Then, I took them outside and placed them on my cardboard surface.

When I was sure the wind had calmed down, I started to spray away! I lightly coated until the flats looked like this:

After they dried for about 30 minutes, I removed the painter's tape. I let them dry overnight before I deemed them okay to wear!

I've worn them a few times since and I keep getting compliments! I love them but they definitely do need a touchup already. I've only worn them around my office (not outside) and there are some cracks in the paint. I may spray them with an acrylic spray when I do the touch-ups, just to make sure that it stays in put. In the meantime, this is an incredibly easy way to spruce up your flats in time for the holidays (and all those holiday parties)!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! See you back here on Monday morning!

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  1. What a great way to spruce up a pair of potentially boring flats! I will be interested to see how they hold up with the acrylic spray.

    Found you via link party. :o)

  2. Great look. Perfect for a Christmas party.

  3. They are so cute, and this is a great idea.

  4. Nice to read your blog


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