And the award goes to... {Thankful Thursday}

Last week, I received a wonderfully sweet honor by being awarded the Versatile Blogger Award by Lindsay over at Me, Ed and Pea!

I feel very honored and very loved - and extra gracious - to be named one of Lindsay's favorites! And now, I am very excited to continue with the tradition and pass this award along to a few of my favorite bloggers as well!

But first, as per the rules, I do want to fill you all in on a few things about me that you may not know. You may remember that I did something similar to this a little while ago and so, in an attempt not to bore you all to death, I'm going to shorten the number of things from 7 to only 3 - just to give you a little blip of my life!

1. I am a part of a sort of book club with one of my oldest friends. She invited me to be a part of it last year - everyone in it shares access to a Google spreadsheet document, sets a goal for books read for the year, and then posts with what they're reading, how they're liking it and we can post comments on other people's reading choices too! As of today, I am part way through my 58th book! My goal was 50, and so I'm thrilled with where I've gotten. I'm planning on upping the ante to 75 next year, I think.

2. Josh and I recently finished watching The West Wing all the way through. It is, without question, one of my top 3 favorite television shows and it gets better every time I watch it.

3. I can fall asleep anywhere if I'm tired enough - from laying on the couch, to sitting on the T, to standing up in an elevator - if I'm sleepy and I shut my eyes, I can be out like a light! For Josh to sleep, he needs to be in bed, in pjs, with the lights off - so it constantly amazes him how little it takes for me to be asleep.

And now, drumroll please, without further ado, here are my choices for the Versatile Blogger Award:

Pleasantries and Pitbulls -- I love following Erin's adventures as newlywed! Just recently married, she posts about life, cooking, some great DIY projects and, of course, her adorable pitbull!

Markham Street Design -- Laura is always inspiring me with her fantastic projects and her beautiful home!

Elise Blaha -- I've mentioned her in previous posts, but honestly, this woman is truly amazing! She is insanely talented and always creating new and awesome projects. Elise runs her own small business and she is constantly creating magic.

House Rules -- Katie is one of new favorites and I stumbled across her blog while searching for other Boston bloggers! She blogs about her daily life living in a fabulous apartment in the city. She is stylish and a lot of fun to read along with!

Small Victories -- Last, but very certainly not least, is the newest addition to my list of blogs to read - and I promise it isn't just because her name is Sarah! She lives in Western MA and is currently fixing up a great place there and an A-Frame in NH.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend - whether you celebrate or not - and I will be back here next Tuesday to show you the awesome homemade gifts that I made for my parents, as well as to share some awesome Christmas magic from my mom's house! And don't forget to go check out these 5 lovely ladies and their lovely blogs!



  1. Thank you Sara!! I hope you have a happy holiday weekend!!

  2. Aw, thank you! You are so sweet. And I too can fall asleep anywhere!

  3. Thanks so much dear!! Have a wonderful holiday! :)

  4. That's an awesome book club idea! I like that since it's online, friends from all over can participate.

  5. Aw thanks Sara! I'm just figuring out this blogging stuff so that's really nice to hear :)


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