Holiday Happiness

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday everyone! Can you believe the long holiday weekend is over already? I was looking forward to one more day of sleeping in and hanging out with Josh and the pup! We spent our holiday weekend in NJ - at both my father and stepmother's house, as well as my mom's. Here's a great family picture my Aunt took of Josh, myself, my brother, my dad and stepmom on Saturday morning at our Hanukkah Brunch:

For the record, none of us knew ahead of time that pictures would be taken...
Sadly, I don't have any pictures of my mother's tree but I can assure you that it was beautiful! And on Saturday night, my brother and I (and Josh!) got to hang some ornaments from our childhood on the tree. Sunday was a beautiful Christmas - filled with some amazing presents for me (a Kindle Fire, Keurig, Cordless Drill AND an awesome cookbook) and for Josh (an Invicta watch, new pea coat, AND some amazing ties). Josh and I are so incredibly blessed to have such a loving and caring family - we could not be more greatful for all of the gifts we have received this holiday season.

Unfortunately, Josh and I headed down to NJ with colds at their beginning stages, and we have returned fully immersed in sickness - sore throats and runny noses at their worst! And so, in an effort to attempt to nurse ourselves back to health a bit, this will be all I have for you today. But, tomorrow, I will be back with an awesome (if I do say so myself) tutorial on how to make scented candles in mugs - as I did for my mother, father and stepmother!



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