Love {Thankful Thursday}

-- Nat King Cole (Source)
This is one of my favorite quotes and I think it does a great job of exemplifying exactly how I feel about love. Love is an unbelievable feeling and one that I am so greatful to be able to have in my life. I am surrounded by loved ones in my wonderful friends and wonderful family. I have found an amazing love in my relationship with Josh and I treasure that love every day. I treasure both the love that he gives me and the love that I am able to give him in return. I was once told that Disney, as well as the rest of the Hollywood industry, had given me unrealistic expectations of love. I am so grateful that I not only trusted my own instincts enough to know that my views were not unrealistic, but that Josh came along and showed me that I was right to trust those instincts.

I am incredibly thankful for all of the love that I have in my life, but more so than any other love, I am thankful for is the love that I have found in Josh. Our love inspires me daily and I know that I can always count on what we have.

I am also incredibly fortunate to have family and friends whose love I cherish at every moment. Their support for my life and for my dreams encourages me to wake up every morning with a bright outlook on life, knowing that anything is possible. Because of this, because of their love, I am able to move through each day knowing peace and happiness. I also know that this love gives me the ability to weather anything that comes my way. I am fortunate that not only am I loved, but that I am surrounded by loving relationships. I look to my other friends with beautiful marriages and friendships, and I feel so proud to call them friends.

Today, I ask you to look around and seek out those that you love, and whose love you feel everyday, and let them know that you love them. We all lead busy lives and it's important to tell those people around you that you love them.

I also want to thank you, my growing group of readers. Thank you for reading and for all of your sweet comments and encouragement. I hope you have a wonderful Thursday. I will see you back here tomorrow for a canvas project that I think you'll all enjoy!



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