Happy Birthday Josh!

Today is a wonderful day of celebrating my favorite person...

Happy Birthday!
I love birthdays - and not just my own! I fully believe in celebrating your Birthday Week and Weekend, in addition to the celebration on the Birthday Day. And so, Josh gets to be celebrated ALL WEEK LONG! To start, last night we ordered his birthday present together (I couldn't surprise him - although trust me, if I could have, I would have) through Sprint online so that I could get Josh his birthday present now that he's eligible for an upgrade. Here's Josh's (soon to be) new phone!

Photo from Apple.com

It's official! In just a couple of weeks, Josh will have gotten rid of his slow and broken phone and moved into the 21st century with his iPhone 4s! (Note: I will be joining this century on Nov 10, in just 8 days, once I become eligible for an upgrade.)
But, I couldn't let this gift be his only present. I mean, I could have, but what would be the fun in that? And if this was his only present, then I wouldn't get to wrap anything. Or show a funky wrapping design. Or have a super fun second blog post for today. So really, Josh's wrapped present benefits everyone!

This is super easy to do, no fuss wrapping, looks great AND is economical! I plan on doing something similar for the holidays, but that's a little while away, so for now, let's stick with this. For Josh's other birthday present, I bought him a year-long subscription to Money magazine. To wrap this, I bought the latest edition (his first issue won't arrive until December) and wrapped that! I used basic gold wrapping paper (from Building 19) turned inside out for a clean and basic look.

Then, I took some ribbon in blue and green, and created a funky design at one end of the gift.

Finally, I used my stamps and ink pads to write a cute message on the wrapping paper.

Finally, I filled in the spaces with a Sharpie, putting quotation marks around money, adding in "26th" and an exclamation point after the word year. I may or may not have been rushing against the clock at about 11:50 last night and may have forgotten to take a completed picture. Please use your imaginations and try to forgive my bad blogging.

Josh, I hope you have the most wonderful birthday and I cannot wait to continue celebrating with you over dinner tonight and for the rest of your Birthday Week! You are an incredible man and you deserve everything that life has to offer. I am so glad that I am a part of your life. I love you so much!

Oh, and Nash says Happy Birthday too! ::woof woof::



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