Home for the Holidays {Boston Bloggers}

Last weekend, I spent my Saturday at an incredible blogging event - Wayfair's Home for the Holidays! This event, hosted by Boston Bloggers and Wayfair, was a fantastic day of events all geared towards bloggers, managing content, and cultivating friendships - new and old!

beautiful home for the holidays swag
beautiful tree with beautiful gifts from Wayfair
The day kicked off with an opening session about content from Christiane Lemieux and Heather Armstrong and then led into 4 amazing workshops - complete with SEO pointers, table setting with Abby Larson, and a few awesome DIY projects! 

in the seo session - helpful and well done!
do i spy a pendant banner?
and a basket full of awesome crafting tools?
part of the tablescape that I helped to create!
eee! loved playing with the table setting!
We enjoyed a delicious lunch from Kitchen Surfing and ended the day with an awesome cocktail party sponsored by Andegavia wines and left with a parting gift from Wayfair. The offices were incredible, the sessions were inspiring, and as always - spending time with my fellow Boston Bloggers was so much fun! 

so delicious!
signed cookbook from Jeremy Sewall and a delicious glass of andegavia wine
my super fun gift from Wayfair!
The conference was such a blast and so inspiring! I'll be posting more in the next few weeks about table settings and DIY holiday season crafts! You can also look forward to a fun series featuring my new gift from Wayfair!

How are you getting ready for the holidays? Starting to decorate? Planning new traditions? Thanksgiving - and the official start of the season - is less than 2 weeks away!



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