Updates & April To-Do List {Wedding Wednesday}

Oh my gosh - another Wedding Wednesday list update! I feel like all I'm doing lately is posting to-do updates. But, I guess in some ways that it's a good thing - so many items are getting checked off the list! Now that it is officially April, let's see what I was able to check off in March...

Buy Wedding Party Gifts - Bridesmaid Gifts Have Been Purchased! (Groomsmen Gifts Are Coming!)
Dance Lessons - On the schedule for this month.
Decide on Table Numbers - Decision Made!
Decide on Seating Sign - Decision Made!
Choose Favors - This is proving to be difficult! Ideas are welcome!!
Buy/Order Cake Topper - Moved to April Due to Indecisiveness.
Buy Wedding Shoes - Deciding between two different pairs.
Address Invitations - Thanks to my amazing Aunt, these are all officially done! 
Order Shower Thank you Cards - Ordered & Received! Can't wait to send them out!
Order Rehearsal Dinner Invites - Ordered & Received! Can't wait to send them out!

What's ahead for April? This month's list has actually been broken up into two parts...

I'll be in New Jersey for 5 full days towards the end of April, and I'm looking forward to a lot of hard work over those few days - makeup trial, hair trial, putting together welcome bags, getting our marriage license and my first official dress fitting! 

Then, the end of April has so much more in store - my Bachelorette party in Vegas, sending music selections to the band, officially buying our cake topper (for real) and making our table numbers. I cannot believe that April is here - and I'm sure it will be over before I know what's happening!

I'm looking forward to enjoying every moment this month - from the shower to the bachelorette party and each day in between. I am so excited that these big events are finally here and I can't wait to celebrate with some of my favorite people!

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  1. Stopping by from the link up! When is your wedding? We got our cake topper from Etsy. It's two birds in a string kissing. The female bird has a tiny veil and the male has a hat ;) For the favors, we're doing 1.5 oz honey jars (DIY).

  2. we did the koozies and homemade cookies as our favors

  3. Yay for all of your upcoming events! Have fun!


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