Gallery Wall {Home Update}

There's nothing like family coming to visit that gets your decorating into high gear. That, coupled with a newly signed year-long lease on our apartment, made Josh and I decide that it was high time that we finished our living room gallery wall. For about a year, it's looked like this...

Yes, it looked this bad. For over a year. #bloggerfail
We've had pictures sitting around waiting to be hung up, but never quite got around to it. For no good reason, I just stared at them every time I walked into my office instead of doing something about them. So, today, we hung up 4 more pictures - and moved them around a bit to find the perfect combination.

Want to know where we got each picture?

1 - I picked up this Boston Harbor sketch from a local flea market 
2 - made this for valentine's day 2012 
3 - Josh and I bought this map at Monticello (we love maps!) 
4 - my Aunt gave us this awesome print from Israel 
5 - I picked this up at the same local flea market where I got number one 
6 - I made this map heart art two years ago when we moved into our first apartment together 
7 - my mother bought me this at a silent auction when I was in high school (and it's moved around with me ever since!) 
8 - we bought this print from PrintAid NYC after Sandy devastated so much of the area 
9 - one of our first art purchases, this is a Picasso reproduction print from Ikea - and it has Picasso's doxie Lump (pronounced Loomp) front and center! 

Josh focusing intently on Sunday afternoon basketball
We are so happy to have this up and excited to be making our apartment a little homier since we'll be staying here a bit longer. We're also excited to spend time with family this upcoming weekend as my future mother-in-law throws me a wonderful bridal shower!



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