Wedding Wednesday: #FitBride

All of the sudden, it what seems like just the blink of an eye, we are less than 9 months to go before the wedding! We still need to do a large number of things - including some major ones like picking a photographer, finding a florist and picking out invitations - but I can officially say that one of the biggest "to-do's" is done: I found and bought my wedding dress.

After going shopping in NYC on August 28th, I came back home and let my two favorite dresses marinate in my head for 4 weeks. And after exactly 4 weeks, I returned to NYC - and the two stores that held my favorites - to make my decision. 

And you guys? The second - I mean the exact second - that my stylist at store #1 brought out the dress, I burst into tears. To be honest, I'm getting teary writing this now. I just ... I knew. I thought I knew it was the one before I saw it, but seeing it again 100% confirmed it without question. This dress, this beautifully stunning dress that dreams are made of was my dress. And so, with a few more pictures for good measure and a super wonderful photo with my matron of honor (that I will share with you in 9 months - promise!), the decision was made. (Note: I did still keep my appointment at the other store, just to be sure that I was sure - and my Matron of Honor had taken the day off to look at dresses so I wanted to show her more than one - but if I hadn't already been convinced before I tried the other dress on, it definitely confirmed that I made the right choice.)

So now I have the dress, and the veil, and so I'm on the hunt for the perfect shoes - and my fitness program is off to a slow, but steady, start.

image captured after eating breakfast (an unhealthy half a bagel) and lunch (a turkey burger patty only atop lettuce with caramelized onions and a tsp of olive oil for dressing)
I'm using My Fitness Pal to track the calories that I eat every day - and it also tracks my activity at the gym. I haven't actually been going to the gym lately, but I'm really hoping that next week (maybe even on Monday?) I'll start hitting the gym on a more regular basis. 

While the wedding, and looking wonderful in my wedding dress and in pictures, is certainly motivation and an impending date that I want to get fit by, I am not simply doing this for the wedding. I want to get in shape and get fit and make this a lifestyle choice - not just a wedding weight loss goal, but a getting fit life goal. 

If you're on My Fitness Pal - I'd love for you to find me so we can be pals! And if you're going through your own get fit adventure, I'd love for you to share your successes and struggles here! Hope you have a great Wednesday!




  1. Good luck Sara! Let me know you need encouragement, we can do this!


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