Happy {October} Weekend!

With my birthday only six days (yes - ONLY SIX DAYS!!!) away, I'm falling more in love with this month by the minute. We've been having incredible weather and life is just generally awesome. Fall is good. 

This weekend, I'm spending Saturday proctoring the SATs (if I didn't already feel like a teacher, I think this would have sealed the deal), grading about 40 Roman World museum projects, and planning for my units on the Byzantine Empire and French Revolution. If that sounds like a lot to pack into a Saturday, you're not wrong, but you should know it'll probably fall into Sunday morning and Sunday night as well. Then, on Sunday, I'm spending most of the day with the ladies in our fantasy football league! I'm 3 and 1 right now, and in second place, and it'll be fun to catch up and eat tons of snacks (while hopefully dominating my matchup this week!).

I'm also looking forward to the first non-September weekend and feeling secure enough in how I'm doing with teaching that I can take some time to work on some projects. I have some spray painting to do, a balcony to make over for fall, and lots of wedding planning to do.

All in all, I'm looking forward to an incredibly productive weekend! Do you have any fun weekend plans? I'm hoping to get some fall fun in next weekend - apple picking anyone? In the meantime, here are a few of my favorite from the blogosphere over the last two weeks...

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the ten best ways to use rotisserie chicken 

Enjoy your happy {October} weekend!



  1. Um..........your birthday present may be a bit late. Darn it! Thanks for the reminder in this post!


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