Teacher Binder {aka the Teacher Life Saver}

It's officially the start of week three - and I couldn't be more excited about it! I'm finally getting into a groove, and while I'm still going to sleep by 10 at night (at the latest) and trying to manage eating breakfast and lunch every day, I could not be more excited that I wake up every day to live my dream.

I don't do it without being super organized though, and so I wanted to show you my number one organization tool: my teacher binder.

I got the idea from a couple of other bloggers - E, Myself and I and Eat.Write.Teach. - and most of the inside document templates are from Eat.Write.Teach. 

The binder is from Target and I absolutely love it! I bought it before I knew I'd be teaching where I student taught, and it just so happens that the school color is blue so that worked out really well! Inside, I have taped a copy of my schedule and yes - it is color coded. I also made printed tabs with all of the key information I need - including my calendar, plan book, attendance, absent forms, parent contact forms, special ed plans, my to do list and a general catch-all one. 

Above, you can also see a copy of my plan book and you'll see that I keep things I'm working on in the front of the binder for quick use - right now it's my study guide for my first unit in world history that I need to type for my freshmen.

I also have a section for a large calendar, and you can see how I take attendance and what the absent forms look like as well. I blocked out the attendance list, in case you could make out the names for my class.

This binder really is a life saver! It's wonderful to have all of the things I need most often in one spot - especially the plan book and attendance list. I have five different classrooms that I move throughout during the day, and this book helps me to keep myself and my students on track.

Do you use a teacher binder? If not, what do you use to keep yourself on track? Would you add an additional tabs? I'd love to hear what works for you in the classroom!




  1. I am in my pre-student teaching semester and already know that I am going to require one of those to stay sane when I am student teaching. Thanks for the inspiration!


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