Happy Monday - And a New Blog Schedule!

Happy Monday! On Friday, I wished you all a happy relaxing weekend - and my weekend was not very relaxing! I did spend some time getting lost in a good book, bought a few new tops and new shoes, and watched a Say Yes to the Dress marathon, but most of my weekend was spent hard at work. 

this is as organized as a desk gets after a very long weekend of work
I finished lesson planning for both of my first units - in Freshman World History (The Roman World) and Sophomore Modern World History (The Age of Absolutism) and prepped all of my handouts, outlines, and project information for the next month. I am officially organized and ahead of the game and ready for a slightly more normal teacher existence.

To help me with this new busy lifestyle, I'm going to be changing the schedule of the blog. Instead of planning on posting every day Monday through Friday, I will be posting Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I hope you'll stick and around and check for new posts on Monday, Wednesday & Friday, with occasional posts on Tuesdays and Thursday!



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