Let's Talk About Fitness {Wedding Wednesday}

This week, I want to talk about getting in shape. Getting in shape, not losing weight, because although losing a few pounds will definitely be a happy side effect of getting in shape - the important part of this is that I'm engaging in a healthy lifestyle and shaping up the body that I already love.

My eating habits aren't terrible - although there is certainly room for improvement - but the key for me right now is getting active. Last weekend, Nash and I ran together on the beach and it felt so good. I haven't run in such a long time and it made me realize I really do want to get back out there. 

running along the water with nash is my fave
The plan is, quite simply, to get back to the gym. So many people love running outside - and I get that - but for me, the best push is getting on a treadmill and running my heart out. I also want to get reacquainted with some machines so that I can work to tone my upper body.

this is not my gym, but a really nice one
I have a Planet Fitness membership that I never use, and I'm planning on canceling it and just using the gym at our apartment complex. I'm saving money and gas while getting in shape - I'd say that's a win/win.

But of course, I couldn't get in shape without some awesome music to run along to. My favorites right now? The Pitch Perfect Soundtrack (seriously in love), Katy Perry and Rihanna. 

What gets you motivated to work out? Are you listening to a certain playlist or soundtrack? Do you have favorite treadmill work outs? I'd love to hear from you!




  1. I LOVE the Pitch Perfect soundtrack!! It's so great!

  2. I agree with Alissa - the Pitch Perfect soundtrack is fabulous!

    I get motivated to workout when I have a buddy, but I'm currently buddy-less.... so working out has gone from 6 days per week to like... zero. :( But when I do go, I love Zumba, Power Dance, kickboxing, and toning classes. I can't stand the treadmill, it's boring.


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