Fire Island is Our Fave

It's official - Fire Island weekends are always way too short. We left Friday night when I got home from work, were on the island around 11:15 at night, and then were in the car on the way back home by 2:15 on Sunday. And although we may not have more than about 36 hours there - we try to make the best of it that we can. From delicious food (Phyllis and I made chocolate cherry ice cream!) to running on the beach with Nash - this weekend was absolute bliss.

sun peering through the clouds on sunday morning
puppy pawprints
sunday morning waves on the beach
after a long walk and run with josh and i on the beach - one sleepy pup
brunch spread
slobbery kisses! look at that tongue!
only one candle left - since the trick candle had to be taken off and put under water to extinguish
nash took a break from kissing josh to smile for the picture
all tired out
My Dad and Phyllis hosted a small brunch on Sunday morning with some delicious food and a delicious cake! And after a weekend full of running around and giving slobbery kisses to anyone he could get close to, Nash was one tired pup! 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too, and that you enjoyed the wonderful weather as much as we did! 




  1. Looks like y'all had a fantastic time! We haven't ever been there - needs to go on our list!

  2. Oh just freaking stawpppp!! I cannot handle how lucky you are! Also, those paw prints? My heart totally exploded.


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